Is your wastewater facility having trouble staying within its effluent limits? Is the EPA studying you under a microscope or even worse, threatening fines or litigation?

An engineer and new construction may not be the answer just yet. Instead, see what Axton Environmental can do for you. Our staff has brought many problem facilities into compliance--usually with no expensive alterations to treatment, but rather by using our knowledge to implement process control changes which sometimes even result in reduced operating costs. Even if your plant is in compliance but you think it may be producing too much sludge or using too much energy, we may be able to help you.

We can train your operators in proper process control, increasing your facility's efficiency and keeping it more safely in compliance. We can provide laboratory analysis training to your operators, so that your testing can be performed in-house.

We also have a water expert on staff who trains Class A operators, facilitates system startups, and specializes in radionuclide removal.