If you have a wastewater treatment lagoon, it's easy to think you're at the mercy of Mother Nature and that nothing can be done to improve its performance, but that is far from the case! Your detention time can be increased and your beneficial treatment organisms can be revitalized for next to no cost.

Additionally, if your lagoon is full of sludge, we can biologically reduce the sludge at a fraction of the cost of mechanical dredging and sludge disposal. We will provide a thorough analytical lagoon sludge profile before and after biological sludge reduction so you can know just how much volatile sludge has been eliminated.

Even if your lagoon is performing optimally, it's a good idea to have it thoroughly profiled annually or at least every few years so you can plan ahead for dredging and treatment upgrades. We can accurately calculate the rate of sludge accumulation, and a broad range of other useful information about the sludge in your lagoon.

If duckweed is choking off your lagoon's treatment ability so that you're left with an odorous, pollutant-rich effluent, Axton Environmental can treat it with a specially-selective herbicide which typically keeps it at bay the rest of the season.

If you're interested in a full-scale upgrade of your lagoon system, Axton Environmental is partnered with one of the most reputable lagoon aeration system providers in the world. They design and install aeration systems and aerated rock filters at a reasonable cost, and have provided service for over 100 lagoons in Illinois and over 1,000 lagoons worldwide.